Enhertu is also effective for breast cancer with low HER2 activity

Enhertu for cancer

Breast cancer can be of varying levels. A protein named HER2 is most commonly responsible for making it grow. In the past, patients affected by HER2-positive breast cancer had lower probabilities of survival and cure. But with the advent of drugs that target HER2, the prognosis has improved greatly. So far, only patients with strong HER2 had been benefited from drugs, but with the invention of Enhertu, now people with low HER2 can also be treated. 

Find a summary of Enhertu’s efficacy in breast cancer with low HER2 here:-

About Enhertu

Enhertu is an antibody-drug conjugate targeted therapy, and enhertu price in india is reasonable. Deruxtecan is the name for the topoisomerase I inhibitor and linking chemical. The topoisomerase I inhibitor treatment is attached to (conjugated) by the connecting compound. Through the attachment of the topoisomerase I inhibitor to the fam-trastuzumab, Enhertu was created to attack the cancer cells in a targeted manner. In addition to carrying the topoisomerase I inhibitor to the malignancy, the fam-trastuzumab component of Enhertu latches to the HER2 protein. And it also prevents it from receiving growth signals. The researchers conducting this study believed Enhertu would successfully treat HER2-low breast tumors because it comprises both anti-HER2 medicine and chemotherapy medicine.

How is it used? 

Only those who have a prescription may buy Enhertu. It should be administered under the guidance of healthcare providers. The enhertu price in india is affordable, so you can receive affordable treatment from any cancer center there. Once every three weeks, it is infused (dripped) over a 90-minute period into a vein. If a patient tolerates the first 90-minute infusion, they can get more than one during a 30-minute period. If the treatment is still working, the treatment can be continued. Based on the patient’s weight, the dose is determined. As an allergic reaction to the infusion is possible, the patient should be watched both during and after the infusion for symptoms, including fever. If the patient experiences side effects, the doctor may lower the dosage. The treatment can be temporarily or permanently halted in due course.

How does Enhertu work in low HER2 breast cancer treatment?

The active substance in trastuzumab deruxtecan, Enhertu, is made up of two components that are linked together. Trastuzumab is a monoclonal antibody engineered to bind to HER2, which is present in significant amounts on some cancer cells. Trastuzumab binds to HER2, causing immune system cells to become active and attack cancer cells. Additionally, trastuzumab prevents HER2 from promoting the development of cancer cells. Deruxtecan, a poisonous protein called HER2, destroys cancer cells when they try to divide and develop. Once the trastuzumab component has gotten inside the cancer cell and bonded to HER2, it starts to work. Deruxtecan inhibits topoisomerase I, an enzyme essential for copying cell DNA and producing new cells. Cancer cells are inhibited from proliferating by the enzyme, which causes them to perish eventually.


From reading the above article, you can get an idea about the effectiveness of enhertu in treating low HER2 breast cancer. For any further references and cancer treatment, you can get help from Akron Solutions.

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