Name Patient Import

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Name Patient Import

Patients with serious or life-threatening diseases or conditions sometimes seek medicines that are not yet approved or available in their home country. Arkon solution addresses this need by making access to such unapproved treatments available to patients who are in need.

What is unauthorized medicine?

The medicines which are not yet authorized or available for selling in your home country are known as unauthorized/unapproved medicine. There are many lifesaving medicines which are approved only in few countries, but through the Name patient import program such type of medicine can also be made available in your country for better treatment.

Documents required

Doctor’s Prescription

We would require a prescription from a Registered Medical Practitioner Stating Product name, dosage, duration of treatment and diagnosis

Patient’s Medical history

We would require all test reports and Medical reports of the patient for the last 3 months.

Patient’s Identity card

We will require a scanned copy of the Patient’s identity card and proof of residence to initiate the documentation process. You can use a copy of Passport, Driving License, Employee ID card or any Photo ID document as your Identity card.