Reference Listed Drug


Our team provides one of the most pre-eminent services. We are dedicated to providing RLD supply to CRO’s , research labs and pharma companies. However, the process to acquire these Reference listed drugs are a time-taking and prolonged process. It also requires a lot of reach towards other
territories to acquire drugs.

We acquire our reference listed medicines from countries like the USA, Europe, Japan, and Australia

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   How we can support you ??

  • Regulatory knowledge to avoid unforeseen challenges in procurement (By reducing the
  • burden of sourcing of medicine and regulatory work for procurement) 
  • Dedicated team to address all type of queries
  • Single point of contact for prompt response  Sourcing through ethical route 
  • Audited network of suppliers 
  • Different batches  

   Supply chain management 

  • We analyze the shipment at every process to consider the finest quality.
  • We ship drugs with the required temperature between 15- 25 C & 2-8 C and required documentation while importing and exporting the drugs.
  • We offer door to door delivery to our customers
  • Data loggers with the shipment as per the request of the clients.

   Order processing

  • The process of acquiring reference listed drugs begins with placing the order by customers.
  • The product is ordered further sent seeking stocking, then the price and other related information are provided to the customer within 3-4 working days
  • After confirming the order and payment for the same,the medicine is delivered in the next 3 to 4 weeks

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Sourcing Manager
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